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As rapidly evolving technologies usher in new opportunities and challenges, there was an urgent need to turn change into a competitive advantage. RRI took the lead in the IT infrastructure arena very early in the development stage of the industry itself, more than two decades back. While a lot of companies went into software and BPOs, there was immense shortage of customized, ready, quality space.

RRI started with providing space as ‘just built’ but now due to demand in the market, it is provided as ‘plug and play’. The advantage is maximum convenience for clients and their employees, as it allows them to invest more time on their business.

RRI is the parent company of the RR Group of Companies, with current interests in infrastructure development, light engineering, and solar power.


To keep advancing the infrastructure development industry, ensuring world standards, and to expand and grow in multiple locations.


RRI started its business of developing infrastructure for IT & ITES industry with the belief that business should be built on pillars of Quality and Customer Satisfaction. Due to this principle, RRI is fast emerging as a well recognized and rapidly growing leader in the industry. Realizing the requirements of the business world today, RRI strives to satisfy the customer needs at every step with modern Infrastructure and Technology. Commitment to quality and a passion for excellence has made RRI successful in delivering facilities to extremely demanding international standards.

Today’s work environment has become not just a place to work, but space, unique to match ones own moves and moods. Keeping this in mind RRI provides customer specific interiors so that clients integrate their individual personality into their work environment. Synchronization of ambience with technology is the keyword

Of course us

Customer Focus

We understand your business. In fact, we aim to value-add based on our experience by anticipating current and future requirements. We give you what you want, what you need and many times what you had not even thought of asking for.

Team Spirit

We recognize that nothing improves the quality of the output of a project, as the combined expertise of the best in the business. Working together to achieve a common goal, is obviously the smartest way to go. After all, nothing succeeds like team spirit!


Being true to our values and true to our clients’ best interests comes naturally to us. We have a policy of transparency and our credibility will win your loyalty.


We pride ourselves on our professionalism. Our work ethic is impeccable and we extend respect across the organizational spectrum.


You can count on us: to be on time; to be the best; to be committed; to deliver. You can count on us.