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Facility Management

As a Facility Management Company, RRIndus stands as your most reliable partner in guaranteeing the smooth functioning of your properties. With a well-established reputation for delivering excellence, our expertise lies in the preservation and improvement of the functionality, safety, and sustainability of various facilities. A strategic facility management service in Chennai, we ensure quality and standard service.

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Customized Office Spaces

We fit out your entire facility, right from workstations and supporting furniture to electrical systems, security systems, climatization control, fire systems etc. We are a one stop solution to all your office space requirements.

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Building Maintenance

We give you end to end building maintenance. Whether it is to be cleaned, cleared, repaired or replaced, we will take care of it, ensuring that you walk into an office that looks the same as it did on day one.

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Electrical and HVAC Maintenance

With us you get professional experts and professional equipment. We also offer backup power rental at your doorstep, climatisation control, and on-site electrical engineers to provide immediate response to any requirements on site.

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Safety and Security

We undertake an extensive background verification and vetting process to employ the best in man power and machine power. We undertake the entire Installation for building security which include security personnel, fire security systems and electronic security systems.

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Exclusive Cafeteria

We provide exclusive cafeteria space for our clients, ensuring convenience for their employees throughout the day.

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Personal Parking

At RRI, we ensure that all our clients have ample parking space for all kinds of vehicles with designated, exclusive, defined parking spots.


As rapidly evolving technologies usher in new opportunities and challenges, there was an urgent need to turn change into a competitive advantage. RRI took the lead in the IT infrastructure arena very early in the development stage of the industry itself, more than two decades back. While a lot of companies went into software and BPOs, there was immense shortage of customized, ready, quality space.

RRI started with providing space as ‘just built’ but now due to demand in the market, it is provided as ‘plug and play’. The advantage is maximum convenience for clients and their employees, as it allows them to invest more time on their business.

RRI is the parent company of the RR Group of Companies, with current interests in infrastructure development, light engineering, and solar power.